picto-mecenat-humanitaire-Inde-SidaCorporate philanthropy

What becoming a partner means ?

To be a partner of the NAMBIKKAY association is to help support the Shanthi Bhavan Children’s Home, and thus be contributing to the fight against AIDS.
To be a partner of the NAMBIKKAY association is to become actively engaged in the education of children born with HIV who have, more often than not, become orphans.
To be a partner of the NAMBIKKAY association is to promote the empowerment of children subjected to strong discrimination.
To be a partner of the NAMBIKKAY association is to affirm the dignity of the human person regardless of their history, illness or condition, caste or religion.

Giving support to the NAMBIKKAY association is a great way to unite business teams and customers around a concrete project of solidarity. 

A business is a human community, whose activity depends on the level of engagement members commit. A partnership with the NAMBIKKAY association offers you the opportunity to act on your values and put them into practice around a unifying project of international solidarity.

A study carried out by Generosity France in 2011 confirms the effectiveness of sponsorship for business. It’s findings showed that 92% of those in charge of corporate sponsorship, communication and sustainable development, or CSR (corporate social responsibility), consider sponsorship a way of developing employees’ motivation through the sharing of common values. This figure rises to 97% for companies that engage their employees in sponsorship initiatives.

There are many different ways of helping, which offers every business the opportunity to engage according to their own specific aims and ambitions: from a simple donation to aid in the form of sponsorship, the NAMBIKKAY association asks you to actively engage in helping orphaned children who suffer from AIDS.

Do NAMBIKKAY’s objectives echo your own ideals?

The NAMBIKKAY mission: to help children from India who are both orphans and HIV-positive to build up a life among their peers, giving them access to an education that will enable them to develop the intellectual, artistic, emotional and social dimensions of their person.
The NAMBIKKAY vision: every child who is HIV-positive should receive the best medical care; they should be able to live like a child and grow up with joy, despite suffering from AIDS and discrimination attached to the condition.
NAMBIKKAY values: joy and dignity, independence and integration into society.

What the NAMBIKKAY Association will contribute to the partnership

 A partnership is not a one-sided affair, but involves both parties working together. The NAMBIKKAY Association is therefore keen to help businesses that support our activity.

According to our business partner’s wishes and requests:
– we will make ourselves available to visit your business and present our work to your teams;
– we will provide you with an annual account of how your donations have been spent, and you will have access to our account sheets;
– we will work to make sure the NAMBIKKAY Association’s communications makes your engagement known, and you will benefit from having your company logo on view during events we carry out, on our website and in our images;
–  at least twice a year we will give you an update on the orphanage, the paths we have been able to take, the challenges we face and the objectives that have been set for the coming months.

For more information about the association and the Shanthi Bhavan Children’s Home, if you wish to discuss possible avenues of partnership, or would simply like to talk to us about our work, please email us at contact@nambikkay.com

A member of the association will respond within 48 hours.