Installing a new pump



picto-dons-1001 335 €   SUR  1 335 €

Water is supplied to the orphanage via two underground pumps. To begin with, one of the pumps supplied the girls’ house and the other the boys’ house and common rooms. Roughly two years ago we connected both houses to each pump, which at first seemed like a great idea!
Around six months ago the water pump that originally supplied the girls’ house stopped working, which means the whole orphanage now relies on the one remaining pump. This puts us in a difficult and risky situation, because if anything were to happen to the second, functioning pump, then the orphanage would be without running water.

To make matters worse, we were unable to remove the broken pump. We did everything we could to salvage the pump but it seems it will remain permanently stuck. We therefore need to purchase and install a new water pump at a cost of 100 000 rupees, which roughly equates to €1 335.

A heartfelt thanks goes to the pupils at St Jean de Passy who managed to raise €1 000 toward this project, through the scouts (€100) and by organizing a promotion dinner for final year students (€900). A special thanks goes to Sophie and Constance who were the driving force behind this event.

Thank you to everybody who helped us fund this work!

Drilling work