Concert by the GADJOS and KUKU

February 12th, 2016

Nambikkay association enfants sida actionsWe would like to thanks les Gadjos and Kuku for an evening filled with music at the uniquely charming “Dame de Canton, a concert venue located on a barge! Our thanks goes out to all those who participated in this event, which raised 183.19  €.


gadjos concert nambikkayClément Lenoble and Julien Le Nagard on guitars, Adrien Roch on Saxophone and Peter Frasques on double bass – formed as a group in 2005. Their explosive style can be regularly heard igniting the concert halls of Paris as well as numerous bars and festivals around Brittany and the whole of France. Their latest album release, “Rosalie”, is an entirely acoustic set of jazz standards played in a gipsy jazz style and guest stars Melody Linhart on vocals and Benjamin Blackstone on guitar. The album is a venture into new waters for the group, who are more generally known for their fusions of sound and style.



concert caritatif NAMBIKKAY KUKUKuku is an atypical musician who communicates with his audiences “heart to heart”, bringing down the barriers that normally separate an artist from their public. Born in Miami, Kuku returned with his parents to their homeland, Nigeria,when he was just two years old. growing up in Lagos, a city where every corner is filled with music, he was able to absorb the omni-present mixture of sounds in this rich musical environment, from classical afro beat to soul and break dance; heal so counts Yoruba, the traditional ethnic music in which he has his roots as an influence in his sound.