Dinner for final-year students (St Jean de Passy)

3 February 2017

A great number of final-year students did not want to leave school on Friday 3rd February come the evening, even though their classes had finished two and half hours earlier and their holidays had already started! It wasn’t the cold, pollution or an excess in studiousness that kept them in school until such a late hour, but the simple, generous and expedient initiative of two of their school-mates. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Marie and Constance!

Their idea was twofold: to strengthen the bonds within their group and tounder take an act of solidarity. They organized everything they could to achieve this objective. The result: tomato and cucumber salads, hot dogs, home-made brownies and above all an incredibly joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Under the kind hearted eyes of the supervisors, the prefects and especially Caroline Heissat, who helped them prepare the dinner, the pupils progressively turned up the volume during the evening. They were on their feet, singing, shouting, laughing. The supervisor stoowere made to sing and given a standing ovation, then asked to do it again, during which the shouts of enthusiasm only increased. And finally, everything was cleared away. Even in this, wonderful spontaneity, efficiency and joy over bound. You would have thought yourself part of a fairytale, with a small piano recital between every to strokes of the broom. The only down side was that there was only one cloth for the floor, which was a little bit impractical.

At the end of the evening the pupils counted the money themselves and announced a grand total raised for the association of €900. They wanted the money to go towards the purchasing and installation of a new pump. We are sovery grateful and wish them all the best of luck and much courage during these last few months before their final exams.