Each one of us earns the search engine we use €30 a year

 With Lilo, that money can be given to Nambikkay!

By changing the homepage of your web browser, you can provide long-term support for our association and guarantee were receive regular payments, the entirety of which will be donated to the orphanage Shanthi Bhavan Children’s Home.

Making Lilo your homepage takes NO TIME at all, costs you NOTHING, and requires NO CHANGE to the way you use the internet: you click on the same link as you did before to open your browser and all your short cuts will still be available to you.

« Lilo is a meta-engine: its technology uses other search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Advertising revenues for redistribution come from various advertising agencies, notably Bing, Yahoo and Google, but Lilo also works directly with its own advertisers. In addition, Lilo does not collect user data and acts to prevent tracking by advertisers. » Wikipédia

How it works in three easy steps:

  1. Add Lilo to your usual web browser
  2. Surf the net as you always have done
  3. Give the “drops of water” you collect to Nambikkay (which can be found by clicking on the “French language” projects and searching for “Nambikkay”)