Magic Show

June 26th, 2016

Les jeunes de St Jean de Passy soutiennent les enfants de Nambikkay

The NAMBIKKAY association would like to thank Olivier Cochet for offering us this story telling event – a musical, poetic and magical journey !

NAMBIKKAY action INDE SIDA association spectacleInvited for a break at 4pm, the families gathered in the living room. After a presentation from the association followed by questions and answers (and the announcement of France’s defeat over Ireland!), Olivier began his show. He fascinated the youngest with charade papers stuck to his head, and infuriated the parents by trying to read their every thought, winning every challenge thrown at him.

Our thanks to Mr and Mrs de Viviés for their hospitality and to everyone for their support : This joyful afternoon raised two hundred and sixty five Euros for the orphans of Shanti Bhavan Children’s Home !

NAMBIKKAY association spectacle action Lyon

Olivier Cochet, teacher and performance therapist (for his website, click here) works at the School La Favourite organized two humanitarian missions to Shanti Bhavan, the Orphanage supported by the NAMBIKKAY association. Passionate about education, musical theatre and magic, Olivier loves to draw the public in to his world, dazzling them with his poems and dreams.