Restoration works



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So that we might offer the children decent living conditions in which to stay, a number of renovations need to be undertaken.

Mosquito Nets

Travaux rénovation Shanthi Bhavan Children's Home Nambikkay projetThe most urgent need is for new mosquito nets over the windows in the dormitaries for the younger children and the teenagers. The intense heat in India makes window panes superfluous – the windows are kept open all year round. However, each window has a metal mosquito net in place of a glass pane, to limit the number of insect bites, which can be unbearable. As the orphanage is close to the sea, the salt and the sand quickly corrode the metal “nets” which filter the air coming through the windows.

Doors, windows, plumbing, electricity

Next in line of priority is a project we hope to undertake during the May school vacation to repair the doors and window frames of the boys’ building (the oldest building of the orphanage, which was built nearly ten years ago) and areas of the building that houses the teenagers. High levels of humidity in this coastal region cause the wood used to construct parts of the building to rapidly deteriorate. We are also fighting a relentless war against termites, which play their part in the destruction of doors and window frames.

During the school vacation we also plan to examine and improve the plumbing and electricity in all of the buildings.

Travaux de rénovation Shanthi Bhavan Children's Home Nambikkay projetPainting and fixing the roof

While the children are on their school vacation we plan on re-painting the interior and exterior of the buildings, as well as repair the roof. Every year Tamil Nadu goes through the monsoon season (which this year had dramatic consequences for Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, when around 350 people lost their lives). If we are to protect the walls, door and window frames and the furniture, then we need to maintain and regularly inspect the watertightness of the building.

Change of the water supply pipe in Nava Jeevan

Large tree roots forced their way into the water supply pipe to the building for teenagers, Nava Jeevan, and caused a major water leak for over 2 months, which flooded the ground floor of the building. The entire pipe, from the tank on the roof down to the ground floor, had to be replaced. We also took the opportunity to replace the existing plumbing with external piping, as the previous pipes were enclosed and suffered numerous leaks.

Installing of bamboo blinds

We were also advised to place bamboo blinds in 5 of the girls’ dormitory windows, which directly overlooked the courtyard. We were able to install these at the beginning of October and they have the added advantage of keeping out the January cold night air.

Partitioning of the communal showers

We have recently had to partition the communal showers. Up until now, the youngest boys (up to 13 years old) shared 3 communal showers and the girls shared one communal shower and two individual showers. Thankfully we have now been able to transform them into individual showers for the children.

Thank you for helping us to fund this work!

Our thanks goes to the association CARIDAD, whose two donations of €3 000 on the 27th and 28th October 2016 have enabled us to complete the following work: re-paint, fix the plumbing in the boys’ showers, replace three doors and tile parts of the boys’ house and the girls’ washing facilities.

Our thanks also goes to all those who donated to our projects, especially Mrs Moullart, who paid for a major part of the following work. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

A fresh coat of paint

Replacing three doors and fixing the plumbing in the boys’ showers

Floor tiles in the boys house and the girls toilet block