A new washing machine



picto-dons-100150 €   SUR  150 €

With 53 children in residence, the two washing machines in the orphanage are in much demand! Even though it is common for children in India to wash their own clothes, we took the decision two years ago to wash all the clothes systematically in the washing machine, at least for the youngest children.

The idea is to give them more time in the evenings to play games and do their homework. This of course doesn’t stop us from requesting their help to hang the washing out, put it away, and even do some ironing (when there’s a feast or celebration)! In any case, it is something that children learn to do very early on in India.

machine à laver Shanthi Bhavan Children's Home NambikkayThe washing machines are forever breaking down, which causes quite a problem with regards to getting the washing done. We would therefore like to buy a new washing machine, which will cost 150 € ($160/£130).

This project has now been completed. Your help with another project would be greatly appreciated.