microDon 2

October 13-14-15th, 2017
Les jeunes de St Jean de Passy soutiennent les enfants de Nambikkay
Spectacle à St Jean de Passy pour Nambikkay

A new microDON session has been planned!!

A brief refresher about mircoDON: for three days, customers at partner shops are invited by volunteers from the association to round up their bill by 2 or 3 Euros (or more!). The extra money is added to the till using the famous microDON card, and will be donated to the association in question! (for more information you can check out the microDON website here).

This year we will be running the scheme on Friday 13 October, Saturday 14 October, and Sunday 15 October.
After the great success of last year session, we have been allocated 2 shops, which is quite the exception!! We cannot let this opportunity pass us by.

The shops partnered with our association will be the Monoprix rue des Dames, open 9am – 10pm, and the Franprix rue des Dames, open 8:30am – 9pm, and 9am – 1pm on Sunday (17th Arrondissement, métro Villiers).

All money raised will go toward financing the medical treatment of the children at the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Home. The Second-line triple therapy alone costs €3 690 for the 5 children who need it, and we receive no governmental aid for this treatment.

Last year in the region of 900 donors helped us to raised €1 805.74! This year we are counting on you so that we might raise a minimum or twice as much as last year!

Spread the word – and please come and support us!!

A huge thank you for responding to our appeal and giving so generously!!

The microDon weekend raised € 5 169.27!! This will allow us to spend € 3 513 on second line tri-therapy and € 1 656.27 on treatment for Sonia.