microDON operation

October 7-8-9th, 2016

Les jeunes de St Jean de Passy soutiennent les enfants de Nambikkay
Spectacle à St Jean de Passy pour Nambikkay

We were delighted this year to participate for the first time in the microDON (literally “micro gift”) operation. MicroDON is a social and solidarity economy startup, which offers businesses and community groups with a concern for social and environmental responsibility innovative solutions to help support associations through “microDON”(for more information, visit the MicroDON website by clicking here).

Concretely, how does it work? Over 3 days customers at a participating shop are invited by volunteers from the supported association to round up their shopping bill by 2 or 3 € (or more!), which is recorded in the cash register with the well-known microDON card, and then donated to the association in question!

The shop we were partnered with was the Franprix at 257 Lecourbe Street (Paris, 15th arrondissement). A huge thank you to the 900 or so donors for their generosity in supporting our project through the microDON operation, which raised a total of €1 805.74!

All of the money raised will go to help pay for medical treatment for the children at the orphanage Shanthi Bhavan Children’s Home. Second-line treatment alone costs us 3 960 € for the 5 children who’s treatment is not financed by the government.

Thank you to all those who helped us participate in the scheme, with a special mention to the 11th grade (lower-sixth) pupils  from St Jean de Passy!