Partnership with OYA KEPHALE

october 2015 – june 2016

Concerts d'Oya Kephale au profit des enfants orphelins de Nambikkay

NAMBIKKAY was chosen by the OYA KEPHALE Association to form a partnership during their 2015-2016 season. The troupe Oya Kehpale consists of a choir and orchestra and is an intiative started by a group of friends who wanted to put their love of music at the service of causes they felt worthwhile. Ever since the start of the association in 1995, they have given any profit made from their concerts to charitable associations. Since 2005 Oya Kephale has been directed by Laëtitia Trouvé, a professional leader whose high standards and virtuosity enable the troupe to offer musical productions that have received universal recognition and praise.

This season, half of their profit made from concerts and operettas have therefore been donated to the NAMBIKKAY Association, which has paid for a minibus that takes the children to school. In order to give each child the best possible chance in life, we decided to register them at different schools according to the particular needs of each child. Some of the children we care for suffer from mental disability, others did not attend school before they came to the orphanage, and so are very much behind in their education. As well as this, children in tamil Nadu are able to study in either English or Tamil. It would be incredibly difficult to force them to change the language they study in when they arrive at the orphanage. The children are therefore registered at ten different schools in the local town, around 15km from the orphanage. Travelling to and from the different schools has meant we have had to be very organized in making sure everyone gets to school on time, and the need for a new bus has become absolutely necessary, especially given that we welcomed a further nine new children to the orphanage at the beginning of the 2015 school year.


Concerts d'Oya Kephale au profit des enfants orphelins de Nambikkay

Faithful to their tradition of presenting an operetta by Offenbach every year in May, Oya Kephale chose Le voyage dans la lune (Journey to the moon), inspired by Jules Verne, as this years operetta. We are so grateful to the many people who attended the performances. In 2016, 2383 people undertook a journey to the moon!