Talent Show at St Jean de Passy (second edition)

March 31st, 2016

Les jeunes de St Jean de Passy soutiennent les enfants de Nambikkay
Spectacle à St Jean de Passy pour Nambikkay

NAMBIKKAY talent show action Inde

First and final year students from the St Jean de Passy School in Paris lack neither talent or generosity! The success of the first talent show wasn’t easily forgotten…it was time for an encore!

The time was set for Thursday 31 March at the school for another run of the show. The idea is simple: each student was invited to put together a little sketch of his particular talent –what they could do, and above all what they loved to do. It was a chance for them to show off a hidden gift; the charismatic quality of an actor or the heart of a poet? It’s anyone’s guess!

Talent Show NAMBIKKAY association action caritativeThanks to Augustin, Tanguy, Eliott and to all our budding artists, many members of the public turned out in support , and the evening was a huge moment of unity between the students and the children of Shanti Bhavan !