Sonia’s treatment



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Following eight months at hospital, Sonia returned to the orphanage on 23rd August 2016 (for more information, click here). Sonia’s treatment resulted in significant costs which were not budgeted for and which we have not yet been able to meet.
  • Her first ten days were spent at the PIMS (a private hospital), at the cost of 60 000 rupees, 40 000 of which have already been paid by a generous donation. We therefore have a further 20 000 rupees to raise in order to meet these costs.
  • Sonia was then moved to a government hospital for the rest of her stay, where treatment is free. We did, however, have to pay for two “assistants”* (one day and one night assistant), meals and medicines, which cost us 17 000 rupees per month, or 136 000 rupees for just under eight months stay in hospital.
  • Ever since her return to the orphanage, Sonia has needed to stay in the health clinic so that she can be closely monitored, and we pay someone to supervise her, whose salary costs us 6 000 rupees a month. On top of this, her food supplements cost us between 1 000 and 2 000 rupees a month. The costs of her medical care since she returned to the orphanage have risen to the sum of 22 500 rupees, which equates to € 310.

On her return to the orphanage Sonia had to stay at the clinic so that she might be closely monitored. We therefore had to pay for someone to supervise her.

* In India, hospital patients must always be accompanied by a relative or assistant, who stays with them at their bedside and fulfils tasks such as collecting prescribed medicines and preparing meals.

A huge thank you to giving so generously!!

The donations we received from the second microDon session in Paris has paid for € 1 656.27 of treatment for Sonia, which means that along with th donations we have already received toward this project we can now close our funding appeal toward her treatment. We are immensely grateful!